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What we can do

We provide automation solutions to clients from a diverse range of industries. Our companies include providing a simple one-off automated module right through to complete turnkey automated solutions for our clients. We have a team of young and experienced engineers who are enthusiastic and willing to take up any challenge. With an engineering partner like Tanshu, you can focus on your productivity

Pick and Place Applications

High-speed robotic pick and place processes can increase productivity, reduce rejects and obtain high levels of repeatability. On top of reducing labour costs, your investment also deals with ergonomic issues. Tanshu has experience and has spent a lot of time and resources in implementing some of the most up-to-date pick-and-place applications. This includes projects with flex pick, scara, omron and fanuc robots. We also have experience in conveyor tracking applications that enable packaging or sorting products on the go. Some of the most common applications include sorting, assembly, quality and labelling.

Palletising and Stretch Wrappers

Our engineers have developed over the years many innovative palletising techniques that maximise pallet stability and improve space utilisation. We have dealt with many unstable and complex products like rice bags (10kg Bags), and intricate machined components and soon depending on the product, we have engineered various end-of-the-arm (for robots) grippers to suit the manufacturing process. Tanshu can provide standalone systems or complete palletising solutions which may include, robotic palletising, automatic pallet dispensers, stretch wrappers, conveyors and safety fences.

Material Handling Solutions

We have highly sophisticated material handling for various clients from diverse industries like extrusion plants, and pharmaceutical warehouses. Tanshu also provides consultation to clients to develop optimised solutions for all opportunities. We design, fabricate, supply and install systems subject to our client’s requirements.

Vision Applications

Tanshu also has extensive experience in building vision systems for inspection, quality and pick and place applications. We have experience with Omron, Cognex and Sick Vision systems. We have built systems integrating sick vision and robotic pick and place. Vision Systems help you control rejects and in doing so improve machine efficiency.

Warehousing Applications

In today’s business world, every company is trying to utilise their warehouse space to maximise and as a result, are heavily in state-of-the-art warehousing techniques to achieve their objectives. Tanshu has partnered with various technology providers like AGVs and multi-pallet ranking systems and together with our expertise in material handling we can provide you with a complete warehousing solution. We have designed systems for raw materials, finished products, WIP (work in progress) and distribution centres including various climate controls.

Maintenance and Support

Tanshu provides as part of our offer ongoing, maintenance and technical support to our customer clients. We believe in providing customer satisfaction. We want to build long-term relationships with our customers by providing preventive maintenance, programs, technical support and other training programs.

Robotic Welding

Robotic welding offers many benefits for our customers including reduced labour costs, improvement in product quality, productivity improvement, more consistent work output and product weld consistency. To discuss your requirement please speak with our engineer. We can provide both new and used robotic welding applications to suit our customer’s budgets. We provide simple and cost-effective solutions as per our customers needs.

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